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Sri Krishna Hospital, one of its kind, fully equipped surgical gastro and laparoscopic centre in Prakasam district is located in the heart of Ongole city. This state of the art surgical gastro hospital is the brain child of Dr.B.Sri Krishna Nataraj, who holds vast experience and expertise in a wide range of procedures and surgeries in the gastro world. Understanding the importance of digestive health and the need to expedite the treatment to ensure smooth functioning is taken up as high priority in Sri Krishna Hospital.

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Wide range of gastro as well as liver diagnostic and surgical services.

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Laparoscopic surgery, a much needed quick surgery to get you back on track.

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Laparoscopic surgery, a much needed quick surgery to get you back on track.

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How To Prevent Gastric Problems

Sit down during each meal and eat slowly.
Try not to take in too much air while you eat and talk.
Eliminate foods known to cause gas.
Avoid soda and other carbonated beverages.
Avoid smoking, taking a walk after a meal.
Find ways to work exercise into your routine
What Peoples Ask

Our Faq's

Is colonoscopy necessary ?

After a certain age, regular colonoscopy is necessary to detect and prevent colo rectal issues before hand.

Are all the hernia’s same ?

Depending on the position and reason behind the eruption, the types of hernia’s as well as their surgeries are different.

Does damage to liver suggest complete removal?

There are various ways to detect the exact location of damage and to treat that particular area.

Can normal diet be followed post gall badder remvoal ?

Few minor lifestyle changes are recommended to help body adjust to the gall bladder being removed.